Summer solstice february 2 astrology

This June 21 am EDT marks the summer solstice, and the longest, strongest day of light.

SUMMER SOLSTICE Reading & Meditation // Big Changes Coming // Astrology Channeling June 2017

Take inventory. Is something getting in the way of you living your best life? The Great Ball of Fire in the Sky wants us pampered, romanced, self-expressed, and free to be our most creative selves!

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On June 21, you have a chance to see it all so clearly. Are you making healthy choices in love or falling for the bad news baes over and over again? And if so, consider June 21 will push you off the starting block. But get ready to plunge into some deeper waters. The very same day as the solstice, esoteric Neptune, the planet of illusions and sacrifice, pivots into its annual five-month retrograde.

Summer Solstice, Midsummer, and Litha: Here’s How to Celebrate |

Survey your spaces, Aries! Do they feel like home to you? So many people, so little time. Neighborly Bulls never mind a little friendly small talk. But are your conversations starting to sound a little too same-same? But maybe you could upgrade some of the random chit-chat to something a little more…meaningful? Are you giving your time and energy to opportunities that can put cash in the bank? If not, will they help you build a network that can one day be leveraged for your career? But everyone needs you, Cancer.

The summer solstice always marks day one of Cancer season—a month-long cycle that snaps you out of the role of the sacrificial martyr and puts your needs front and center. By the time the solar eclipse in Cancer rolls around with the July 2 new moon, you could already have some proficiency with this newfound skill.

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Project mania alert! You want to do it all, be there for everyone, help as much as you can.

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But your big-hearted FOMO is going to send you straight into meltdown territory. Spending more time with your instafriends than real people? A Solstice also occurs twice yearly when the Sun reaches the highest and lowest point in the sky at noon on the respective days, making for the longest and shortest days, around June 21 and December This article will focus on the first Solstice of the year, which will take place on June Like all recurring and special celestial events, the Solstice is an important time of transition that means something profound in Astrology and our lives.

Read on to find out about the meaning and importance of the Solstice in our spiritual life. In both cases, the Sun will be at 29 degrees and 59 minutes of Gemini 29d59m , then 00d00m Cancer.

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  • It is worth noting the Sabian symbol for 30 degrees of Gemini and 1 degree of Cancer. The Solstices and the Equinoxes are ideal times to perform a formal or ceremonial act or procedure prescribed or customary in spiritual work or religious observance.

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    There are many ways to observe the Solstice through a ritual; one I prefer is walking a labyrinth. Conveniently, I have one on my property that my wife designed. It is very likely that a church, public garden, park, or museum near you would have a labyrinth you could walk on the day of the Solstice. There are many other ways to perform a ceremonial act honoring the Solstice for your hemisphere. The Summer Solstice represents the fullness of life; it is the longest day the rays of the Sunshine on the Earth. If weather patterns are ideal, then all plants will be growing into completion and the fruits and vegetables will begin to peak and become ready for harvesting.

    There are four options. These include the three treasures, hua tuo jia ji, and other concepts that build on and connect with these fiery points. Ohm resonates at an octave of the annual motion of the Earth around the Sun. Thus, Ohm connects with the essential motion that defines the changes of the seasons and thereby achieves a role in the change-of-seasons rituals and treatment.

    As Ohm is resonant with the movement of the earth around the Sun, it has a connection with source. It is the act of presencing within the moment.

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    Ohm vibrates at The Sun brings the light of day, warmth, and yang to the matters at hand. The frequency for the Sun vibrates at a lower octave of the speed of light, at Thus, existential matters of being and nonbeing are part and parcel of the Sun vibration. The Zodiac fork resonates with the 25,year precession of the equinoxes, which refers to the movement of the first day of spring through the constellations. Zodiac fork is important for the movement over the stakes of the solstice-equinox axis as the first day of spring initiates this axis when the Sun crosses zero-point Aries.

    The chart for the Summer solstice is calculated for June 21, , at am in Washington, DC. Notice the placement of Mars directly opposite that of Pluto. This is an aspect ripe for conflict on the downside. On the upside, there can be powerful compulsions to act on matters of mission and purpose. In either circumstance, we can use Pluto and Mars forks to treat the resonant frequencies of the two planets based on sympathies between the planets and the experience.