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Planetary mantra is one of the main remedy to reduce negative planetary effect. It provides you peace of mind and strength to go through tough period in life and helps in reducing negative energy. Mantras are advised by astrologer according to your birth chart. It is called Jantram in Sanskrit. In certain situation in your chart, the Jantram Talisman can be very beneficial as it does the similar effect like mantra.

It reflects away negative energy and protects the person from tough time and losses. Talisman is advised by astrologer according to your birth chart.

Acharya Indu Prakash Bhavishyavani

Ayama means to extend or draw out. It is regulation of breath or the control of Prana and vital forces of the body. The first important step is to master the asana of posture. The next exercise is Pranayama. Correct posture is requisite for the successful practice of pranayama.

Chest, neck and head must be in one vertical line. Some people find it difficult to sit in Padma Asana or Lotus Pose. They can sit on Sukh Asana comfortable pose or Siddha Asana perfected pose.

If one controls the breath or Prana, the mind is also controlled. If the mind and Prana are both controlled, one gets liberation from the round of births and deaths and attains immortality. There is intimate connection between the mind, Prana and semen.

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If one controls the seminal energy, the mind and Prana are also controlled. He who has controlled his seminal energy has also controlled his Prana and mind. One who practises Pranayama will have good appetite, cheerfulness, good figure, good strength, courage, enthusiasm, a high standard of health, vigour, vitality and good concentration of mind.

A Yogi measures the span of his life not by the number of years but by the number of his breaths. Vital capacity is the capacity shown by the largest quantity of air a man can inhale after the deepest possible exhalation. A man takes 15 to 18 breaths per minute but in deep breathing, this rate is reduced to about 4 to 8 breaths per minute.

In these days of stressful and competitive life, our thoughts interrupt and affect our breathing pattern. So we consume or inhale less oxygen. By doing pranayama, it supplements and provides more oxygen which is vital for blood, cells, organs and all parts of the body including brain.

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It thus reduces stress and boosts up immunity. It is called as Varsh Phal. It forecasts transit effect of the planets as planets are not fixed and keep on moving all the time. So every year, planetary position changes and with this change, the effect of the planets gives you different result. It is called worship of the planets with strong Vaidik mantra.

Each planet have their own cycle dasha or period. Example: Saturn mahadasha lasts for 19 years completes 1 dasha in 19 years.

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Doing puja with Vaidik mantra reduces negative effect of the planet s. It is also calle as Graha Shanti peacefulness of the planets. Indian astrology is known as Vedic Jyotish. So, Vedic astrology means true light of God. Jyotish is also called an eye because it allows us to see through the opaque time i. I am the director of Kundli and Kismat Limited. This is the first time India has reported deaths in Kashmir since it was stripped of special status. Get latest Mumbai news headlines, local Bombay news headlines for today, Mumbai city breaking news, crime news, civic news, news from entertainment and sports world.

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