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Getting Married Soon? If you want to meet him pl be there by 3am. The registeration starts by 5 am and close by 7am. Go on a sundy as he will visit only 1st timers on Sundays as saturdays he meets both 1t timers and 2nd timers. You can take the Thali road and ask for Velankani school,take right turn and ask by his name,people will lead you to his place. Take enough water and food along with you. Thanks, Rajeev. Ravi, Leave bangalore by 2 am you will reah by 3.

Rajeev plz tell me how was your experience did You find remedies works? Hi everyone contact Sir chokalingam in this address Chockalingam B.

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  • Who is correct here?? Am really sorry to ask like this but some oe telling its at Hosure and some one telling its near Malleshwaram Please can ony one help me here?? Hi, I had gone to Mr. Chockalingam sir's malleshwaram office today and i took appointment, i got appointment date for Feb 17th , yes almost 6th month from today.

    Hv no other go hv to wait till then, but my concern is im badly reqd to meet sir but helpless. I had gone to meet him at his office around 4. I met some people who had the appointment and waiting for him. They were feeling sad for having taken the appointment with him. I thought this astrologer to be a humble person not commercial. I came to know he charges Rs. He calls each client 5 times to tell 5 temple names out of his list of 15 temples and charges for each visit Rs. Why he cannot tell one visit and save people's time. These medias should stop broadcasting such people and help them to take the common man for ride.

    The TV portrays him as a humble person but in practice it looks exactly reverse. He is also like one of those fake persons which these TV Channels make them famous and allow them to charge thousands of rupees to the curious who go to them to solve their mundane problems. Instead they can sit in front of the altar in their house and pray with total sincerity and faith to God by surrndering to him and leave the results to God.

    Don't go to these people out of greed or fear, these are the currencies to take you for ride. I advise stop seeing heegu unte programs henceforth. None of these TV Channels are honest people, they are here to make money by selling news.

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    The real saints will not hanker for name or fame, they silently keep doing good for the entire universe. These reports do not have the wisdom not the subtle ability to recognise such saints. They can only see the fake people who show off or camouflage and portray in a different flavour. God is in your heart only, be strong to face the destiny. Pls Spread the truth not the gossips like above which is far from truth.

    He asks people to visit him only twice not 5times as mentioned above. If you are going to meet him after 2times that is because you wanted to meet him, not that he asked you to come. Sunitha Shenoy.. I totally agree with you The real saints will not hanker for name or fame, they silently keep doing good for the entire universe.. These Tv hcannels are busy in trp rating but worried about people problems I went there on this Monday, many people were waiting outside and arguing with 2 of his assistants to give the appointment whenever it is possible, but they were refusing to give any appointment and said straightaway to come on November 20, to take appointment dont know when we get the visit date.

    They are charging Rs. I dont know about changing our fate if we meet him, but totally his fate changed after his program telecasted in heegu unte. Surrounding shop ppl said he is there in that area since and never saw so many ppl coming n waiting for him. Heegu unte is doing very good marketing, anybody can become popular overnight with this program. Media people don't have any values or concern about people.

    They just concerned with TRP. It was my personal experience there and had blogged the same here.

    Astrological signs of Chockalingam, born Sunday 21 July

    If u r devotee of him, u worship him, wat we have to do with it??? I never said any bad thng abt him, i just said they told us to come back again on November 20, We r bangalore and can go any number of times we want coz its very nearby, thnk abt the ppl who r coming from all parts of the karnataka and other states too Its better u balance ur crooked mind now Hello everybody. My name is Rajanna. S from Mysore. Is it true all are telling about the problems arrived with Chokkalingam's visit?

    Can any body tell me that what shall I do? Which is better? I got confused totally. Hi Friends. Thanks Priya. Hey jagan Dont blabber.. If all the people go and meet him in a single day what he will do. The people should also co-operate.

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    I went to maleeshwaram many people R fighting with them. He is not saying to come again and again which he dont like I think sunitha has got the news wrong Chokalingam, i cudnt meet him, his assistants were not even allowing anybody inside, they were just stopping at the balcony itself. If all the people needs to meet him at the same time how its possible.. If U wait patiently dont be in a hurry burry u can meet him sunitha Dont comment about others without knowing. You can send the details to my mail :shyleshsr gmail. U r ly visiting the temples that too along with ur family. U can ejoy like picnic.

    If it takes two month also not a problem.

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    When u finish one by one new things which r positive will be comming up. In second visit if u r not going to temples means its ly loss for u since first visit is changing negative things to neutral ones. In second visit he will tell all the predictions of childrens emp r business etc Hi Please anyone tell me which are six temples to visited as per Mr. Chockalingam sir. Hi I had gone to meet Mr. Chockalingam sir but did not get appointment they ask me come to take the appointment in Jan I want to visit the temples before that please tell me which are the 6 temples to be visited.

    Rajshekar and Karthick, Please give me yr mobile numebr on jagdish. Hi all, I personally met the astrologer. I met him 2 times, In first visit: you will be advised to visit some temple second visit: Advised wear gem stones and visit some more temples. As i was waiting for my turn , i spoke to many people regarding their experience, for some people it worked but for some it did not, even after 3 to 4 visit. I dont know about his 6 sense, but he is simple,ordinary and humble, Stressed and tensed due to crowd. But if u like travelling, then list of places he has, were really good to see.

    Well about astrology.. Remember few points 1 Every one on this earth has some kind of problem, if you want to be happy , you should experience the pain. So welcome pain too. Neither rama or krishna followed while marriying. So believe in yourself, think rational and try to accept the life as it is and try for growth. So please give me some places which he has refer to there client. PLease help me. I agree stronglu with Hari's word God is great its better just go n visit kodumudi once, tats enough i feel.

    Can anyone tell me the list of six temples as im coming from Dubai to India for a short visit. As i will not be able to meet Chokalingam SIR, i wish to visit the temples atleast. Please write to me at vasantheash gmail. Tamil Nadu Contact Number Hello friends who visited Mr,Chokkalingam sir.. Its pretty far place from karnataka and cannot visit again and again Lets Help others Do it for 3 times.

    Note: no need to do any other pooja, there are yagna shala, who try to lure you with many pooja option, like brahma hatya dosha etc.. So remember your honest prayer count than any other ritual. So any pooja must be performed by themselves , then only you can see your prayer result.

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    Have fun. The temple's are suggested only as per the Horoscope. Simple visiting all the temple will not yeild any results. I had been to him during Lokesh, Bangalore mail2lokeshjm yahoo. Un-like the other Astrologer's. Chokkalingam has served Army for few years. If u want to visit the temples prescribrd by mr.