New moon december 10 astrology

It also reminds us that the ebbs and flows of life are a valuable and necessary gift to work with.

What the New Moon in Sagittarius Means for Your Career, Style, Travel Plans and More This Month

Each time we make space to check in with ourselves, we send ourselves a message: we are worth it. Imbued with the properties of abundance and good fortune, December's new moon in Sagittarius is one to make use of. This lunar cycle arrives on December 6th, the same day that Mercury, planet of communication, starts to move forward.

Its arrival signals a time when all of our efforts are assisted, which means that we can more easily see the results of our hard work. The moon in Sagittarius will initiate personal growth, expansion, and a deeper understanding of what kind of abundance we most want in our lives.

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Not all new moons are created equal, and this one is advantageous. Sagittarius is a sign that help us connect with our faith in life. It is a sign of boundless optimism and joyful resilience.

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Sagittarius is forever enthusiastic about its options, making even the most mundane of situations an opportunity to practice gratitude. During the arrival of the new moon, we have a greater chance than usual to get things off the ground. On the other hand, if we choose to focus on our problems, they will grow just as rapidly.

Focusing on what we want while also being grateful for what we have is key to working with this moon. We need to have faith in our process and create our own luck while remaining optimistic that things will work out—plus channel the spiritual nature of generosity, which is the curriculum of the new moon in Sagittarius.

This new moon also tells us that whatever we have in excess needs to be shared freely. The more we give, the greater the benefit to us and the world.

Astrology of December - Dream Big -

The more generous we can be with our affection, efforts, and attention, the more we will reap in the coming months. Whatever we feel we are lacking in our life is a signal to us.

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To whatever degree we can, we must find every avenue possible to grant ourselves what we feel is lacking. This Moon phase favors gaining more information and the input of others to further your plans. Emotions begin to stir coupled with recognizing that the new beginnings you are making must also increase personal security to be worthwhile over the long haul.

Transformational Astrology New Moon December 11, 2015

Obstacles may emerge that require you to reevaluate how to better integrate yourself into your immediate environment. Distractions from the outside begin pressing into your world. Analysis is favored, reevaluating all the various factors you are dealing with. This is a good time for organizing things.

This Moon phase is suited for synthesis: coming up with a practical plan for getting from point A to point B. Adjustment is required. A veil of self-absorption is lifted and suddenly you gain access to an unbiased view of others. This is a rare moment when you can see yourself objectively and become aware of whether or not what you want in your heart is actually beginning to manifest in your life. This is a tremendous time of transmutation.

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All of the prior elements are coming together for a final burst of creative output. You have seen a clear view of your own needs and the posture of significant others. Now the accumulation of that input is leading to a deep, core change within you. As the moon retreats into almost total darkness when the moon is barely a crescent in the sky , there is an urgency to complete unfinished business.

If you were born during this phase, you are ending a karmic cycle — learning to let go of the past, so you can begin a whole new manifesting phase. Furthermore, you have a gift of gathering information and making it easy for others to understand. You have much to share in this lifetime.

When you learn to affirm yourself instead of seeking it from the outside world, you can become the leader you were born to be. It will bring your inner world to light! Crescent Moon Phase This is a waxing moon that looks like a sliver of light in the sky. First Quarter This is a waxing moon where the light is half full.

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Full Moon Born during a full moon and your emotions will be larger than life! Last Quarter The waning moon that looks half full is the last quarter moon. Balsamic Moon Phase As the moon retreats into almost total darkness when the moon is barely a crescent in the sky , there is an urgency to complete unfinished business.

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